Why do I have a blog? Journaling!


Why now? and why after all these years, have I decided to create a blog? It not like I don’t do enough sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Well, to be honest, this won’t be your typical blog where I try to provide expert advice on some trendy topic. No, my blog will be more of a “journaling blog” where I can document life events, ideas, movie reviews, and some other insignificant topics that somehow seem important to me.

Back in 1998, when I was promoted to my first management position, I was sent by my employer to attend a Franklin Covey workshop. This is where I learned the importance of keeping a journal and how it can be a gift to your future self yet hold you accountable. For example, I get a smile on my face when I see the entry for the Facebook Party at the Switch Inn yet get really annoyed at myself that I still haven’t gotten my SQL certification that I promised myself to get two years ago.

Today, I use apps such as Facebook, Google Calendar and Evernotes to keep my online journal but it has become recently clear this is not quite doing the trick. After recently reviewing my 2006 journal, I noted it was much more detailed and easier to review because I was using just one application to do the job instead of three. Hence the reason why I writing this journal entry on my new blog.

Of course, most everything on this blog will probably be marked private but if for some reason you are reading this or any of my other public posts then I appreciate you reading my blog. You must be either really bored or really like me as a friend.